Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Triathlon Training Update: Bike Tune Up and Gear Check

Last night I headed back to Healthy Habits to pick up my bike. I took it in on Sunday for a tune up. The bike was in need. They took care of everything and got my bike ready to rock and roll. My bike is far from amazing. I purchased the 2002 Fuji League road bike for $80. However, at this point in time it does all I need it to do.

Last night I had them fit me to the bike. I was amazed at how much better it feels. They adjusted the seat forward and raised it considerably to dial in my proper knee angle. They also took out the handlebar mount and put in a new piece. The part that was in there no longer exists so an upgrade was needed. My handlebars needed to be raised. My bike is good to go for the winter. My trainer is supposed to be in tomorrow so I will be able to hopefully get everything set up properly and ready for my ride Saturday.

I am in need of some pedals and shoes. I will be okay with just my old running shoes for now, but I need to order pedals and shoes to get used to that feeling and doing things right.

Over in the swimming arena I have some flippers coming my way to improve my swimming technique. I think that is about all I need for swimming.

Things are taking shape. The only other want I have is maybe some warmer clothing for running outside, but not sure if that is really a necessity. I have pumped in enough money already. Shoes and pedals for the bike and that will be about it until Spring time.

Just wanted to share my journey not only in training, but in all the other aspects as well. I will post photos and reviews once I get everything set up.

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Nate Walczyk said...

Hey Mr.Maurer, great choice to use swimming as a way to help train for the triathlon. As a 4 Year swimming veteran, I know that fins help technique. Good choice!