Friday, December 2, 2011

Triathlon Training: Week 1 - Friday Swim....My arms might fall off

What a swim workout this morning! Today was my second swim of the week. I had a plan that had me scheduled for 1050 yards, but then yesterday I received an email from Coach Zapolski(my swimming coach) who sent a workout for us to try. This workout was 2050 yds. I have never swam that much. I think 1400 has been my max so far. She did indicate to tweak to meet swimming fitness, but being the stubborn person that I am I was determined to get this in. I am glad I did because I felt that this workout really helped me out.

After swimming two times with a predetermined swimming plan really helps me focus and get things done. Here is the workout that I knocked out this morning.

200 yd swim
200 yd kick with fins
200 yd pull buoy

Drill Set - This is where I needed to continue to work. This helped me work on the drills needed to help my swim.
12 x 50 Drills

I did 4 of these doing count stroke without fins. I was at 17-18 every time. I know I could dial that down further, but just not to that point in my technique to get is reduced. I was told that I should be around 14 strokes. That seems impossible, but as I continue to improve I will get it dialed in.

I did 4 of these in this set doing six kick switch with fins. Fins are huge. They really helped work on my technique more. I have not used fins much until this workout. I found them to be a huge plus in working on technique.

I did the final 4 doing six kick switch with shark fin. I am getting better at this drill. I still struggle, but I am improving.

Kick Set - 8 x 50's

I did 4 of these on my back focusing on not popping up my knees. It was a good thing I was sharing a lane with someone I know because I was far from swimming straight and even ran into him one time. I have not swam on my back since class so this was a good drill for me. I really focused on not kicking from my knee.

I did 4 of these on stomach in streamline. This I feel like I am getting better at. My kick I feel is improving. I know it is far from perfect, but it at least feels like it is improving.

Time Swims

6 x 50's freestyle with fins on 1:00

Wowsers, this was a good little finish to the workout. I really need my fins to arrive. The ones at the Y just don't quite fit me. It took me about 40-45 seconds to swim down and back, but I was slow on the turnaround with the fins. I tried to say focused on my technique and not speed, but I just wanted to go all out. I refrained from doing so, but this was a good set

6 x 25 swim on 45 without fins

After swimming with fins for much of this workout it felt like I was swimming in syrup. I felt so slow. I felt my  kick go back to bad habits and I tried to correct and just slow down. When I get tired everything falls to the wayside and things started to go down the drain. I had two of these where I felt like I was on top of the water like I am supposed to be so that was a positive.

2050 yards accomplished.

This was a great workout. I will be doing this one again. I have titled this workout Zapolski Workout #1

Now I will just wait for my arms to fall off from this swim and weights yesterday.

Zapolski swim workout

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