Monday, December 19, 2011

Triathlon Training: Week 4 - Monday Recovery Swim Workout

Back at the pool this morning. The pool was packed. I think everyone is trying to get in their swims early this week with X-Mas around the corner. It was the busiest I have seen the pool.

My legs were tired. After the run yesterday I knew I would be a little fatigued. Some mild soreness set in yesterday as the day went on, but like always as soon as I warmed up in the pool I began to loosen up and feel good.

This week is a recovery week. Now, I have always had this misconception about a recovery week being a week to slouch and take it easy. However, I am learning as I put the workouts together for the week that this is not the case. Rather it is more of fine tuning the workouts to still get things accomplished, but just not pushing as hard as I have been.

Today we swam 2150 yards. My card was labeled wrong as I have it as 2050.


You can access my workout cards and other Triathlon Training images here:

The Warm-Up was well needed. My right shoulder has been out of whack since lifting last week. I don't know if I tweaked it during the bench press or what, but today it took a while to get loose to where I could really extend.

I noticed today that I was getting tired much quicker than normal. I was just struggling to get into a good rhythm where my breathing was easy and established.

The fingertip drag drill really got to me. I was struggling like crazy. This is an important drill to add to my workouts. I need work on hand entry, extending, and rotating my torso while swimming. The fingertip drag my form falls apart as I am so focused on my fingers treading the top of the water.

As we moved into the the Kick workout we really had to pick up the pace. I felt great during the pull set of 8 x 50, but the kicks I barely had a 3 second break. I would finish and then have to take off again. In retrospect this was good because I really got myself into a nice routine. I cramped super bad during the first set, but it finally subsided. I cramped right in the arch of my foot.

This was a good workout. I did not feel exhausted when I finished, but I felt like I really put in a great workout.

I should not poke fun at others, but I cannot stop laughing about this incident. My buddy Chad who swims with me was swimming in the first lane. This older woman came in towards the end and just came right on in and started doing her workout despite Chad and another guy in that lane. She was talking/counting to herself and just walking all around the lane. It was crazy! She would just drift back and forth to avoid the guys swimming. I don't know why but I started laughing and could not stop. The other guy in the lane finally was like, "Hey, what are you doing? Get out of here! Get out of my lane.". I don't know what all went down, but she did not leave. They were chirping at each other later while we were in the hot tub. I cannot stop laughing about this. Too funny. You had to be there. You have to love old people who just don't care about anything but getting their way.

Back to the roads tomorrow. Meeting at the Y at 5:00 for a run for anyone interested in joining. Will be done by 6:00 at the latest.

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