Thursday, December 22, 2011

Triathlon Training: Week 4 Recovery - Wednesday Night Bike Ride(2nd Workout of Day)

I had to double up on workouts Wednesday to make sure I put in for both of my bike workouts prior to Christmas. Wednesday morning I put in a great swim workout. Wednesday night I jumped on the bike for a second workout. I was not sure how I would feel as I have not doubled up before.

For this workout I rode for 55 minutes. Along they way I was to put in 6 x 1 minute hill climbs @ VO2 max/speed with 2 minute recoveries.

Week 4 Recovery Wednesday Bike

I changed things up a little bit riding 3 x 2 minutes hill climbs and not maxing out. The reason for this is I was afraid that if I went all out my trainer would wake the kids up which would not be good as Amanda was wrapping presents. Also, I did not want to wear myself out knowing I would be running early Thursday morning.

I finished with 21 miles in 55 minutes for a 2:37 mile pace on the bike. My average HR was 131 so I was right where I wanted to be. I also kept my average cadence at 90. It was a good workout.

I need to dial in my bike and swim times so I can submit that information to some of the triathlons that I want to do. Next week I will be testing myself in the 600 yd swim and also for some distance time trials on the bike.

Off to the Y for another run. Another post coming soon.

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