Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Triathlon Training: Week 7 - What a morning!

Today I was scheduled for my typical Tuesday run workout. I had a sprint workout that I needed to get done today as my evening are stupid busy and this weekend I am out of town for Lego Robotics State Competition.

I did not get my run in this morning. I have a run and bike workout to get in today. Things are not looking good right now.

If you follow my blog, then you know that my family has been battling the stomach virus. Ava started things off last Thursday night by puking about 15 times. Things continued to worsen in the household where everyone except myself was sick Saturday throwing up and rushing to the bathroom when not puking. I had stayed clear of any illness.

Sunday night my stomach started to take a turn for the worse. I was able to swim Monday, but halfway through the school day I was called to pick up Ava who was still sick with the stomach virus after blowing out two diapers in a very non healthy way. I spent yesterday afternoon with her and as I did my body began to fall apart. I was cold, had body aches, and it felt like someone lit off a bottle rocket in my gut. I was able to fight my way through bball practice and Lego Robotics, but came home around 9:00 and headed to bed. I could not get comfortable. All signs pointed to me heading down the stomach virus path.

I got up with Ava last night and broke out in a sweat and thought for sure I was going to puke(I never puke). I held strong, got her settled and headed back to bed. My alarm went off this morning and I stood up and realized it would not be wise to try and sprint 18 times on a track. If worse came to worse I would be stranded with a 1.5 mile run/walk home. I also felt horrible. I decided the smart choice was simply to go back to bed. And I did.

I am home with Ava. Addy and Aiden seem to be back to normal after a few days of illness. Ava is finally slowly down on releasing the toxic poison that singes diapers. I am feeling better after getting a little more rest.

I hope to get back on track. I am not sure about getting the sprint workout in this week as there is no real healthy way to sneak it back in the training plan. Maybe tonight after basketball, Active Release Therapy, and Lego Robotics. Fingers crossed!!

In the meantime I hope you enjoyed the nutrition article I posted. I look forward to reading about how you provide adequate nutrition to your body during training.

P.S. One a side note, Tuesday is weigh in day and to my surprise I found myself gaining weight this week. After my biggest training week to date and two big weeks in a row, the weight is not dropping. I am okay with this. I would rather keep the weight on now and drop it come race time. I know my problem this past week was that I was starving all the time. All I did was eat. When groceries were low I snarfed on some junk food. Like I said I am not worried at this point. I just need to find some new healthy snack ideas to replace the junk food binge that occurs when I have already consumed my healthy snack ideas.

And I am off as my daughter just blew out another diaper. Let the saga continue.......

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