Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Triathlon Training: Week 9 - Tuesday Run

The usual group of Crazies met up at the Y this morning for our Tuesday run. We tried to mix up the course running a different path to cut out some of the wind. It was nice to try a different route. We started off nice and easy as you can see from the data above to warm up our bodies. The wind made it a little colder than I expected. We found our rhythm and gradually picked up the pace today. This was not the intended plan, but there are those days that you just feel good and want to push it a little. It felt good to rev the pace a little running the last two miles under 8 minutes. We were pushing, but it did not feel difficult at all. I take this as sign that I am making some strides in my endurance. I would like to get a run in the next few weeks where I do pick up the pace and see what I can do just to test things out. I don't know how to incorporate this type of run without overdoing things for my training. I will figure it out.

I was surprised with how well I felt this morning. As the day went on yesterday I just started to feel worse and worse. By the end of my basketball game last night I felt terrible. I came home and just had nothing left. My stomach, throat, and body was a mess. I was in bed a little after 8 pm. I woke up with a slight sore throat and cough. Once I got moving I felt better. I skipped my bike workout last night as there was no way I was going to be able to ride. I hope I feel better tonight to get the ride in after my basketball game.

Overall, another nice run and it sure is great to have a group of wonderful people to run with. I say it all the time, but I feel so fortunate to have a group of people to surround myself with to help with the training. It helps me stay on track and hold myself accountable.

Keeping things in balance I made sure to take time to play Legos with Aiden while entertaining Ava last night. There were things I wanted to do and actually felt so bad that I just wanted to lay down, but my goal is balance and I think it has helped by making sure I keep that balance. We have had two smooth mornings with no attitude so hopefully continuing with these efforts keeps things moving in the positive direction.

Thanks to everyone who read my post about balance. It seemed to resonate with many of you. In case you missed it here is a link.

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