Thursday, February 9, 2012

157 Days - Thursday Run - No Crazies, but 6 B4 6

Darn the alarm clock! I did not turn the alarm on. So, I woke up at 5:05, said a few choice words, dressed quickly and was out the door at 5:09. I missed the meetup with the CRAZIES. I have missed the Thursday run the last few weeks due to injury or oversleeping. I was quite mad at myself. I took off from my house hoping that they were running a pretty typical course that we run. I ran it backwards thinking I would cross their paths. However, today they took on a new route. I don't blame them as it is good to run something different. I did not meet them, but I did get my run in.

It was different running solo. I have not ran solo in quite some time. It has been a long time since I have not ran with other people to distract the mind. I felt pretty good. My knee was very sore this morning when I woke up. I am sure the TRX workout and the stretching and foam roller made it more tender than usual, but once I started running and warmed up the pain went away. After about the first mile my knee felt great.

I ran a pretty good split. The run felt rather easy and I never felt labored or tired during the run. I started at a 8:37 mile pace and slowly brought the time down each mile finishing the last mile in 7:16 to get my average mile pace at 8:00. I added an extra .25 mile to the run. I hope to add another .25 next week to the Thursday run to make it 6.50. I think it will be important to slowly add my mileage up. I had some long runs the past few weeks, but I think I need to scale things back and slowly build up again for the sake of my knee.

Tonight after practice I head to Healthy Habits to get my bike looked at to see if there is something that can be fixed on either the bike or my riding form or possibly my shoes. I also hope to see if they have any specials/deals going on with the tri bikes. I would like to invest in a new tri bike, but the budget is tight and I have to be crafty with my purchase.

After the run my knee went back to being sore. I did the foam roller again after the run and that is pure torture. It hurts from hip to above the knee so bad while I roll. Perhaps that is why my knee hurts. I hope this will help. I have been told that stretching is the only thing to make the IT band better. The clicking in my knee sure is a lovely sound.

I hope for good news at the bike shop so I can get in a bike ride tonight and another TRX workout to get back on track.

Happy Thursday!

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