Tuesday, February 7, 2012

As Coffeechug Continues the Journey of Ironman....

I pretty much took my title from the blog post of one of my favorite blogs: http://lovingtherun.com/kelly/as-a-runner-ages

The link above is the post that has provided the insight for my post. I love reading the insights of Kelly. This post today cracked me up and made my brain start to think about my own training and life.

Without further ado, here is my list of....

As Coffeechug Continues the Journey of Ironman....

Weekend Goal
1. Like Kelly, my back is also sore every single morning. I have never had any back pain, but since I started this journey, my lower back has been one that makes it a little more difficult each day to get out of bed.

2. I wish you could just buy a new joint at like a Target or Walmat. Go to the store, buy a knee, unscrew the back panel of the knee, take out the old part(like a battery), replace with new joint, and continue on.

3. I am now getting comfortable in super short running shorts. Yes, the ones that I ripped on for my entire life as I sported my big and baggy basketball gear........which leads me to believe

4. I am getting old. As I continue down this new path of training and sport, I cannot get away from the fact that I am aging. For example, Addy yesterday talked about what she was going to do in 14 years. In 14 years
  • Aiden will be 21 and we will hanging out together like buddies
  • Addy will be 19 and off to college leaving us with only one child
  • Ava who will then be almost 15 years old and ready to drive.
Scary to think how quickly that will be while now
Grocery helpers

  • Aiden in 7 and loving just playing with Legos and bugs
  • Addy still loves to snuggle and watch cartoons
  • Ava crawls and poops her pants
5.Chocolate will forever be my weakness and no matter how great of self control I have, chocolate will bring me to my knees and destroy any potential of eating clean.

6. I start to panic if I am up past 9:30 knowing I have to get up at 4 or 4:30 to get my training in. Late nights seem like punishment to me.

7. Why am I hungry all the time?

8. Sometimes I believe it is actually impossible to swim without having your legs feel like dead weight. How does ones actually keep their legs up at the top of the water?

9. I am addicted to training. I actually get rather cranky and irritable if I don't get in a good sweat. My poor family has to endure my "pity parties" as they like to call them when I cannot train. Yes, the last few weeks with my knee pain has been one big party at our house.

10. Each day I more thankful of my awesome wife who endures it all. I sometimes think living with someone who is training for a 70.3 Ironman or full Ironman has more training than the actual person. She is great and without her I would be fat and sloppy and cranky.

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