Friday, February 24, 2012

Live Uncommon: Join The REVOLUTION - Donations to the cause welcome!!

Me with mentor and role model Jeff Paul
I was asked the question, “Why are you the REVOLUTION?” and I had to stop and think about an answer to this question. It is always hard to answer questions about yourself, but as I pondered the idea of why I am the REVOLUTION I began to think of a few things. One, I am just a normal average person like everyone else. I work a full time job, have three kids, a wonderful wife, coach sports and other activities like robotics, and live a very busy life like everyone else. What makes me part of the REVOLUTION is that I feel I embody all the elements that make Live Uncommon so special.

The LU Values are

My family comes first. Without my family I would not be the person that I am. My work ethic is tough and demanding. I expect a lot out of myself. You cannot expect a lot out of others if you don’t expect a lot from yourself. Fitness and Health is my main drive as I continue to push my body and mind to accomplish new goals from completing a half marathon to a marathon last year to preparing for my first experience in the world of triathlons with a 70.3 Ironman race in Racine, WI. Giving Back is why I am part of the REVOLUTION. I not only want to better myself, but as I push my own boundaries I want to be able to help other people out through encouragement, support, charity work, etc. Balance is the key. It is also the hardest as I work to manage all the things I want to get done in life it is always important to keep things in perspective and not lose sight of the important things in life. If I am able to accomplish all of this then it all adds up to Excellence.

I look forward to meeting other Live Uncommon members this year through the REVOLUTION. One thing that has helped me so much this year already is group support. Running with the CRAZIES every Tuesday and Thursday gets me out of bed and ready to knock out a run as part of our 6 B4 6. Having other dynamic people who have just as high of goals of themselves to run long runs with on the weekends and having other mentors like Jeff Paul lead the way about pushing the body to the limits has helped me to do the same. Through Live Uncommon I hope to extend my network and support by meeting other people like myself who just want to do the Uncommon by working hard to improve their fitness, life, and community. This is why I feel I am part of the REVOLUTION. I am living my daily mantra of GETTING IT DONE! and it would not be possible without all my great friends and mentors helping me stay the course every single day. Let the REVOLUTION begin and I look forward to helping others along the way to make this a great year for everyone involved.

Here is the link to my page: Aaron "Road Coach" Maurer

Learn about the REVOLUTION by visiting the home page or any of the links on my sidebar.

If you believe in the cause and what Live Uncommon is trying to accomplish then feel free to help me raise my $700 to help give back to others who are trying to Live Uncommon.

And yes, I will give you mad props for helping me out!!!

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