Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A few of my Tweets today - Would love to hear from you....

Here are the ideas completely going a million miles an hour in my head today. Trying to make sense of these as well as working on a few blog posts to expand on these topics.

Finally, working on creating a Speed Geek session online for educators to share latest, greatest ideas, books, tips.
  • Why in popular culture do we conceive genius as a discrete category?
  • Is genius and gifted the same thing?
  • Just because someone has a talent or gift does not mean that is what they should pursue. Pursue your passions!
  • To a Bright Kid With Trouble(s) via 
  • Where in the World Will You Go Next with PBL&  via
  • We are working on how to make our independent showcase night more interactive for those who attend?
  • Alright, for our showcase night we are in need of a scavenger hunt or mystery for parents and community to solve while attending sessions
  • Standadized testing is a shortcut report to pidgeon hole data for quick consumption & $$$; GIGO Rules: Garbage in; Garbage out.
  • Looking for keynote speaker(s) for our gifted students showcase night......

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