Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Coffeechug PLN - Twitter for Educators Task 9: Task 9: Final Thoughts and Reflections

Here is the link to all previous tasks(or just check the sidebar)

This last task is really a reflective process. It is designed to help you think back to where you started with the course and to also help me make the course better.

If you could please take a moment to reflect on what I have tried to put together to help teachers learn Twitter I would greatly appreciate it.

I am leaving things wide open for you to share what you will, but here are few things to think about to get you started.

1. What was helpful to you?
2. What else do I need to add or did I forget to address?
3. How was the flow and layout?
4. Did you see your Twitter presence expand during the tasks?
5. What was not so good?
6. What would you like to learn next?

I am going to try and create this into something more visually appealing and in a better structure like a book or document of some sort. I know it has some things to be worked out. If you do indeed make in through please share it out on your networks and include #coffeechugPLN.

I just want to help. That is my only goal with this project. It stemmed from a presentation I gave to my staff and talking with teachers in my office. I hope I accomplished this goal.

Thanks for taking time to go through the course. I hope the database was helpful. I hope you are all connecting and helping each other. We are always on Twitter ready to connect and help so don't hesitate to tweet, retweet, or direct message.

If you could email me your reflection I would greatly appreciate it. My email is aarmau@gmail.com

Don't forget to join the Twitter chat tonight at 8:30 pm using hash tag #coffeechugpln

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