Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Mindmap: a 30 minute walk #coffeechugPLN

Mind Map

I am going through a MOOC created through Venture Lab of Standford after the fact as I did not make time during the allotted time, but now that summer is here I can piece my way through.


Take a silent walk for 30 minutes and make note all that you notice. You can walk anywhere - in nature, a city, or a school. Capture your observations in a Mind Map that you will share with the class.
While you are observing, pay attention to the sounds, the smells, the textures under your feet, etc. Look at things that are close up and far away, and sit quietly for at least 10 minutes to notice all the things around you.

I tested out my Bambook Create so I apoligize for the terrible artwork. I went a different route and actually sat on my deck instead of walking and just watched my three children play in the sandbox without the need of a parent, fighting, or needs. It was a zen moment because we rarely get these times and during those 30 minutes I felt at ease with the world, blessed for great kids, and even more important was to remember how important it is to enjoy the small things in life like sand in a sandbox. Through watching my children they see the world in a different light and I think we adults need to remember this. Often times our vision is blurred through the lens of bills, schedules, to do lists, dinner, cleaning, etc. We lose touch with the power of holding hands, sitting in the sunshine, and just "being".

My creativity did not move during these 30 minutes, but it was creating the ignition to be inspired. We rarely turn off our minds anymore. We always feel the need to be distracted with our phones, iPads, TV, etc. Whatever happened to being bored and quiet to let things reset so we can ignite the next great idea. Watching my children take sand and build a world reminded me that I need to unplug and just "be" more and to remove the lens of adulthood and see the world for what it is.

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