Thursday, October 10, 2013

How do we help Ss "unlearn" traditional schooling thinking and values? #coffeechugPLN

I think we are stuck in the trenches of traditional thinking vs. real world thinking. Students are molded to fit a model of education that does not fit with the needs of today.

We are trying to develop students who are able to

  • Ask the right questions and not find the right answers to the wrong questions
  • Identify the problems instead of coming up with a solution before understanding the problem in the first place.
  • To be able to connect the learning to real world and understand that how the world operates is not the same as school.
  • Independence and self autonomy instead of waiting for others to give the answers, the specific study guides, the complete package on how to think.
Many schools and educators are working like mad to move to this way of learning, but the institutional models, schedules, and structure are not compatible with meeting the needs of both the educators and students.

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