Monday, December 9, 2013

App Review: Blue Ocean Bob

Name of App
  • Blue Ocean Bob
iTunes Link
  • $2.99
App Icon
  • Decent. Main character on display, but nothing special
Ease of Use
  • Three options - Play to Me, Read to Me, and I Can Read are easy to access and each plays and operates very smoothly without any glitch or confusion.
Overall Feel
  • Smooth flow. The Play to Me option just takes care of business where all you have to do is just sit and listen. Read to Me highlights the words in red to follow along which is a must in my book. Read on Own allows user to click on red words for definitions. Very nice addition
What is Good?
  • Good story line and the three reading options.
What is Not Good?
  • No interactions unless you count the matching game at the end. Perhaps this is not so bad to not be distracted from the goal of reading. Typically, people choose apps for interactions, not just straight reading.
Yahoo or Boo
  • Yahoo. Enough here to give a plus rating. I like that the app has three reading options based on comforts of child. More apps should have these three options.
Coffeechug Hall of Fame
  • No
Use It Again
  • No

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