Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I want to drink coffee with @alexisohanian ! Book Review Without Their Permission

This is a light read. It is not intense. It comes across like a conversation with Alexis. I think many people were hoping for a clear cut path of lists and bullet points to plot out how to do "X".

Instead this is far from this. What I took away from this book is more of the style and personality of Alexis that has allowed him to be successful.

As always I took down notes into Evernote that I found interesting and tried to convert the ideas to the platform of education.

Reading many reviews online I think that had Alexis crafted a plan on how to live without permission would go against the grain of the essence of the book. The idea is go for it and had he laid out a plan, then you would have received permission.

Here are some key parts of the book that stood out to me.

1. Global connectivity is not just changing the way we do business, it is changing the way we think of value. 

This holds true even more so after watching the 60 Minutes segment on and Amazon Air and their drones.

2. You have go to be willing to disrupt and be disrupted. 

We have to remember that once we make statement people will disagree. This is what causes a lot of fear in people. We have to be strong and believe in our change.

3. These three questions are perfect for education and the classroom. When we talk with students about their work/projects these are great conversation pieces to have.
1. Why is your idea something that people want?
2. How will you sell it to your intended audience?
3. How you will do this better than your competitors?

4. When I find myself doing something that I know the normal person is not doing, then I know I am on to something.

In education we cannot all be alike. Teachers must develop projects and learning opportunities for students to shine and students must embrace the chance to celebrate who they are. We don't need test taking robots. We need innovators and creators. Time to celebrate the disruptors.

5. "The only advice that I can give that I guarantee is true is that you will never succeed unless you try. Just please start. You don't need anyone's permission."

This is my mantra for life. Ask for forgiveness, not permission.

6. Here is the thing about ideas: ideas are worthless. Execution is everything.

This is something I am working on along with helping educators and students. We must begin to act. Talking is no longer enough. Discover, develop, and dive in to make ideas happen.

I liked this book. After reading this book I really want to meet Alexis. I would love to have him on my podcast. I look forward to following his journey. The book is one you can read quickly and take away some key tips. Don't expect a game changer and don't expect specific strategies. That is for you to develop and create!

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