Monday, December 2, 2013

Prototype of App Review Template. Seeking Feedback and Logo Design

I am in the midst of adding reviews for apps that I am testing out, reading, evaluating, using, etc.

As I continue to write up my reviews I feel like a broken record spewing the same phrases over and over.

Nobody has time to read these phrases and descriptions.

This weekend I came up with a new plan. This plan will be simple, easy to read, easy to digest, and take little time while providing honest feedback.

I sketched out a basic template in my Stimulus Queue book that I was going to share for feedback, but my 2 year old decided to do some of her own artwork.

Opened my book where I record ideas, questions, sketches, and prototypes of new concepts to find my 2 year old decided to record her ideas as well! #scribble #shestolemyvibe #doodle #journal #sketch #ideas #creativity

I am in the process of developing an icon for each category. Each category will then have a very short description of honest feedback. Simple phrases and words.

Here are the categories

1. App Icon
2. Color/Layout of book/app/design
3. Ease of use
4. Overall Feel
5. Good
6. Not So Good
7.Yahoo or Boo
8. Hall of Fame
9. Price
10. Use It Again

Each one will be graded on my own biased feedback.

What do you think? Thoughts on these categories. Do you think this will be helpful? Should I eliminate or add?

I will be sampling these 10 categories with the next few app reviews. In the meantime I will be working on designing a logo icon for each category. If you want to create one and submit it to me I will gladly use it and make sure you are given credit.

Carry on my coffee consuming legion!

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