Sunday, May 17, 2009

Book Review and Interview Policy

YA Author Interview and Book Review Policy

I appreciate you taking the time to consider me in reviewing or conducting an interview with you to promote your books, thoughts, websites, etc. My goal is to promote books to my middle school that I teach at and also to everyone else who reads. I am currently accepting books for review. I am interested in all sorts of YA literary fiction, particularly those in the dystopian/speculative, fantasy, paranormal, or realistic/"issues" genre. I love books that have a crazy plot. I love scary stories. Pretty much anything I am willing to read as long as it is young adult and has a chance to be a favorite among the young adult audience. I ranged from the upper teenage novels all the way down to middle school fiction. Just ask and I will probably say yes.

I am anxiously awaiting an author to contact me to help them with their ideas and books. My students would go crazy if an author actually contacted me. If I like the book, then I promise hundreds of students who will go out and read the book from my school and then the rest who visit my site as well.

I am new to this whole book review thing, but my enthusiasm for reading is off the charts. I read constantly. I am also male so that may offer a different angle if looking for a male perspective.

Please email me at

Review Timing

I will try my best to review the book within 2-3 weeks after arrival. I will post the review as soon as I finish and will also notify the author prior to posting online. If for some reason I am not digging the book, then I will let the author know and try to find another educator who might be interested to write up a review.

How I Review

I am always positive, but I am a very honest person. I don't have any format that I follow. My reviews are all dependent on the book and how it grabbed me. Sometimes I copy down quotes, sometimes I just speak from the heart and/or mind. I let the book take the review over.

Interviews, Giveaways, and Other Related Topics

I am more than happy to do interviews, guest posts, or giveaways! I want to be a help to the authors who provided me great reading material. I am willing to help out in anyway I can. The more I can involve my students, then the more excited I get. If you've been so kind as to provide me with the opportunity to review your book, I'd be happy to return the favor. If an author wants an interview or anything else, then I will feel like I am super-cool for a brief moment in time.

Any other questions? Just leave a comment or email me. Thank you!
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