Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday Morning Insights

I have added a link to the right for my book talks. This link will give you access to my book talk powerpoint and other suggestions from myself and students. I hope that some of you email me suggestions of books and also letting me know your thoughts about the books that I suggested if you choose to read them. I had a great time doing book talks to the 300 plus sixth graders on Friday.

Anyways, I have just returned from the Putnam for the opening of the new Egypt exhibit. My son Aiden and I went as our "Guy Time". He loved it and had a great time. We have got to find a way to get the sixth graders there to see the mummies. How can something so cool be so close to our school and curriculum and yet not be a possibility for a learning tool?

I have come across another cool website. I am going to host a little competition(if anyone actually reads this blog and participates). This website is an online artpad. Simply paint me a picture and send it my way. I will post the paintings and have a contest to see whose painting receives the most votes. Here is the link. I will post my painting later this week.
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