Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wake Up Your Brain

There was once a wicked queen who lived in a wonderful palace in the mountains. She decided one day to build another palace so she sent her guards to the villages and told them to bring back all the young men to build it. Of course the young men didn't want to leave their homes, and one demanded to speak to the queen, to complain about how unfairly she was treating them all. Impressed by his spirit the queen decided to give him a chance.

"Come with me," she said and he followed her out to the castle garden.

She held up a small bag. "Into this bag my servant will put two stones, a black one and white one. You will draw from the bag one stone. If it is black you will work for me, if it is white you will go home."

The young man agreed, bu not fully trusting the queen he watched the servant closely. To his horror his keen eyes saw the servant place two black stones in the bag.

"Draw," commanded the queen.

The young man was able to go home.

If you cannot solve it, I promise to tell you the answer by the end of the week.
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