Friday, October 23, 2009

Book Review: Wish You Were Dead

Wish You Were Dead
Todd Strasser

This author is known for his other works such as Give a Boy a Gun, Boot Camp, If I Grow Up, and the Help, I’m Trapped . . . series. This book is the latest in the thriller genre that seems to keep gathering up more bookshelf space in the young adult section.

There are many reviews on the web that praise this book. I think the fact that I just read two of the most powerful books ever, After by Amy Efaw and Hate List by Jennifer Brown, really had a factor on my interest in this book. I am not knocking the book in anyway as this is right up my alley. Students are being abducted from a high school when they are caught alone. A killer is on the loose and nobody can figure it out. To complicate matters there is the online social networking aspect of the book where a person posts negative feelings towards the students and when these thoughts are posted is when the kids are taken.

I could not figure out who the killer was while reading the book. I think this will grab the attention of the young adult crowd. The creepiness of the book is no longer a part of my life. The social networking, cell phone messages, being out late at night, etc. Had I been in high school this book would have freaked me out. It held my interest to finish the book and the best description of this book would be to call it an entertaining read. Being that the students are in high school be warned that there are scenes of alcohol consumption and parties. Additionally, it does deal with a killer so the ending can be intense if that is not your cup of tea. All in all, a good read, but there are many more books that I would place in front if this were still in my TBR pile.
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