Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween

Here are the Maurer Pumpkins. This has turned out to be a tradition where every year we must do better and better. No more triangle eyes. No paint. This is the real deal. Aiden, Addy, and myself pour through the designs to find the ones that are cool, but yet not too technical. This pumpkin tradition has now lead to an all day affair. We go to the Pride of the Wapsi to find just the right pumpkins after being hauled to the fields in a tractor. We check out all the other things there like feeding the goats and watching the pigs poop(not a real attraction, but we did watch it happen and my children and myself no longer wanted to see the pigs). After spending the day there we came home to prepare. The cleaning and carving of the pumpkins is a couple hour process. In the end this is the outcome. Go ahead, marvel at the amazing skill I possess. Do you think you did better? Then go right ahead and submit a picture via email to I will post your pics here on the blog and maybe even have a voting contest if enough submit. Anways, enjoy the weekend, snag some good candy, and be safe.

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