Thursday, October 15, 2009

What? It is almost Friday?

Holy cow! Where has the week gone? I just now realized that the week is almost too a close(thank goodness), but I have been away from the blog. I have been working on finishing up my review for the author Chris Tusa who contacted me to review his novel, "Dirty Little Angels". I will have that up by the weekend. I have been working on my latest video post and all the other fun things that come with the job of education and getting ready for parent conferences.

Despite the fact that I have had little time to read and I have 18 books from the library waiting to enter my brain I cannot wait for this book to come in. I cannot wait to read this even though it seems a little on the blue side.

Hold Still book trailer

Oh yes! I almost forgot.....

Anyone create any cool creations of things to put on my desk? If so, then take a picture and submit to me or if you attend the school I teach at just bring it to my office.

Anyone want to add their thoughts to our Exquisite Corpse Adventure Story? I am still waiting for a few more entries before I post what has been submitted.

I know some of you teachers are struggling for something to do during TA. Why not hold a little competition to have students submit their work to me. I could add some voting options on here. Spread the word and let us pick up some steam.

Signing off from the Nerd Factory(I have college work to do)
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