Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Book Review: Hold Still by Nina Lacour

Hold Still

by Nina Lacour
Caitlin and Ingrid were best friends. Ingrid has committed suicide and now Caitlin must learn to cope and deal with life without her. This story is a sad and agonizing read. It had a real impact on me while reading. I wrote down several passages that made my heart and brain stop and really caused me to pause for a little bit. I am not sure if it is because I had classmates that committed suicide when I was in high school or the fact that even though we have "best friends", do we really know who they are and what they are feeling? Once again, I have been moved by another novel. I must honestly say that this has been one of the best years for young adult literature.
Back to the review....I am writing this and I feel heartbroken, despite the fact that I know Caitlin is not a real person and despite the fact that I feel that if she were real that she would turn out ok. Some reviews of this book discuss that there are some slow parts. To me there was not a slow moment. I honestly felt like this book was written on my high school life. I took photography class. I had a teacher who was so amazing that I did not realize how she impacted my life until I was out of high school. I also had a group of friends who met at coffeeshops and we drew pictures and recorded our thoughts in this huge notebook which are elements of the story. I could relate on every level to Caitlin except the building of a treehouse(and that is because I am terrible with tools!)
If you like books that are sad, deal with real issues like depression and suicide, then read this book. There are moments of happiness, but done in such a realistic way that it does not feel cheesy or fake. The book deals with the death of a teenage, but there is also that glimmer of promise and acceptings things for what they are. This author has created an outstanding novel for her first run. I look forward to reading her future books.
There are scenes of profanity and the attractions of the opposite sex that one endures in high school in the book. Nothing that is inappropriate, but just throwing this out to the middle school readers and the parents because I want you to be forewarned. Everything is done in a realistic and authentic way. Much praise goes to this author and her book.

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