Monday, November 30, 2009

Monday Morning Reminders

It has been a crazy 7 days since my daughter had her tonsils and adenoids removed. I thought to help me get things organized and to help out my fellow readers I would create a reminder list of things currently going on with the blog and things to look forward to.

Things currently going on

1. Teacher Mystery Challenge #6 - This was posted last week, but due to Thanksgiving I am keeping this going through Saturday. Get your votes in.

2. Squidward Lego Figurine Challenge #2 - This is also up and running. Some have posted their guess as to where he is. There is still time to post your ideas before time is up.

3. I am always accepting new artwork and blogger headers for the blog. Each week I post a new one that has been submitted. Don't forget to turn your doodles into me so I can use them. Remember the title, "Coffee For The Brain" has to be somewhere in the image.

4. I posted six book reviews all last week. Looking for a good book, then check these out for some new ideas.

5. Nerd Factory Episode #9 will be posted and up and running on Sunday.

6. Pirate vs. Ninja - The Great Nerd Debate is still up and running through Saturday. Get your votes and comments in by Friday as I will be bringing this debate to a close and offering up a new topic to discuss. I posted a video of my choice along with my reasons so take a look at that.

7. Random Thoughts video posted yesterday along with links to all ideas.

8. Author Interview posted yesterday - Kristina Springer

9. Check back everyday as I will be posting some new videos that I have been working on and some new things that I will really, really need your help with.

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