Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Morning Reminders

Here is a checklist of things that I suggest you do(actually I order you to do them). If you don't do these things, then I will do this to your car(students I will do this to your locker) **cue the evil laughter here**

1. Watch Nerd Factory Episode 10
2. Watch Random Thoughts part 2
3. Make me a snowman
4. Vote for holiday song
5. Vote for TM #8
6. Hit the Penguin Challenge
7. Enter for the free book
8. Sign up for the online book discussion
9. Submit me questions to answer for my upcoming video where I come up with answers to the questions
10. Read the book review and author interview posted this weekend on Jacquelyn Wheeler and her novel Rising Shadow(yes, the book I am giving away!)
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