Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Random Thoughts and Ideas for the Week

Here are the three questions posed to you in the Nerd Update Video
1. What is your favorite fauna?
2. What is up with the crazy guy?
3. What is a nibblet?

Watch the video and then answer the questions in the comments below. Enjoy my fellow nerd clansmen. Don't forget to check out Nerd Factory Episode 9 that was created on Saturday. You know you want to watch that one too.

Oh yeah! Please don't forget to post/email/dropbox me your questions that you would like for me to answer. I am making the video soon. I have some questions, but I need more. PLEASE SEND QUESTIONS or POST in comments or submit in DROPBOX. Here is a link to the Question Post

Below are the links to items mentioned in the video.

Superman: The Musical

Here is that darn catchy Gap Commercial

Here is a link to the crazy guy that I mentioned in the video. Submit responses.

Awesome Coffee Pictures

Miley Cyrus

Here are some additional links to think about and check out when you want to waste time.

Here are 12 of the nerdiest, but yet coolest wallet designs. I want them all(too bad I never have any money to warrant the use of carrying a wallet)

These two great ideas were found at Mental Floss

Weekend Project 1: A coloring book dress you can wear! (ok this version is a little pricey, but it’s a cool idea overall!)
Weekend Project 2: How to Make a 3-D Origami Christmas Star. Report back if you managed it!
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