Friday, January 22, 2010

Book Review: Love is a Mixtape

I purchased this book from Borders. I have read multiple musical reviews by Rob Sheffield in both Rolling Stone and Spin. I read this book as I was looking for something that was not young adult. This is not a young adult book. This book deals with different parts of Rob's life and each chapter is the songs of various mixtapes that he or his friends/wife created. The chapters all relate to love either for his wife, music, friends, life, etc. I could not put this book down. I love music. I am now determined to go out and find all the songs referenced in this book. This will be quite the project to complete. It took me a while to do the same when reading High Fidelity several years ago.

If you are into music and have a passion for music, then you will like this book. He really hits the nail on the head about how certain songs bring back such strong emotions and songs. Songs that we once loved we can no longer stand to hear and others we hated back then are now our favorites. I was able to relate to many things that he wrote about in the book. I had the same passion for Kurt Cobain when Nirvana finally broke through and felt the same emptiness when he died. He was no role model, but at the that particular time in my life and the things I was going through, he was my idol.

A great read if you are a avid fan of music. This is not young adult. There are references to drugs and other things that occur in the lives of Rock N Roll artists and the lifestyle, but nothing that I would say is inappropriate for anyone to read.

This book is one that I will keep and place on my shelf of ones to read again and refer to when in the mood. Now on to creating my mixtape that I mentioned in the Random Thoughts video 1.21.10.
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