Thursday, January 7, 2010

Book Review: Nightlight: A Parody

Ok, I tried to figure out a way to begin to express my thoughts about this book. It is absurd in its attempt to poke great fun at the Twilight Series. So absurd in fact that I found myself shaking my head thinking, "This is so stupid". However, I had these same thoughts while reading the Twilight Series. I have mentioned this before on my blog and in some of my videos that I really like book 1, hated book 2 with a passion, thought book 3 was a much needed improvement in the series, and book 4 was awesome during the first 400 pages and I hated the ending. I did read all the books so they could not have been that bad because I am one to quit reading a book in the beginning if it does not grab me. I know that there are a lot of haters on Twilight with all the stories, press, media hoopla, etc. going on around it. When you are on top it is easy to get ripped on.

Now, back to the book. If you have read the series, watched the movies, and are a fan, then read this book. You will get a kick out of the storyline. It does a good job with illustrating the point that
1. Bella is self-centered and lacks intelligence from time to time
2. How obvious things are presented
3. The lack of parents and how ignorant parents are
4. All the other reasons that make this book appealing to the young adult world like romance, fighting over love, action, family dynamics, finding yourself and sense of belonging, etc.

Here are two examples of how absurd this book is, but I share these because they are also completely in tune with the writing style of Stephanie Meyer so they are dead on.

"My U-HAUL was snowed in, but fortunately I have arms - optimal for picking up huge amounts of snow and putting it elsewhere. The only trouble was, I didn't have any place to put the snow besides my front yard. So, I put the piles in the back of my U-HAUL. Then I realized this was a great opportunity to make a giant slushie......"

"Mr. Franklin explained that we were going to dissect a frog in class today. He gave each group a specimen, taken from a cold, aesthetic-smelling bag. Our frog lay in the metal tray on our table, lifeless. It made me shudder to think of all the harmless flies it had probably eaten."

The writers have done a nice job poking fun at Belle's character in the Twilight storyline. They really drive it home on how she thinks she is so much better than everyone. Additionally, they really bring to light how absurd some parts of the plot are in the storyline. It really has you think about the original series in a new light or new way of thinking.

Will I be giving this book away in a giveaway contest? Well, would you like me to? If yes, then share some creative ideas of things people would have to submit in order to enter. And don't forget to give this book a shot if you are a fan of Twilight. If you have not read the series, then this book may not do much for you.
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