Saturday, January 30, 2010

Book Review: What My Mother Doesn't Know

I had purchased this book several years ago, forgot all about it, then when rummaging through my hundreds of books came across it and read it in one sitting.

The main character is Sophie. She is a girl who is trying to deal with growing up and adolescence. She has discovered boys and realizing that things are changing in every possible way. She has two best friends who she confides all her secrets to except the ones she does not want them to know. She has a boyfriend Dylan, but is also chatting online with another boy named Chaz, while having a crush on another boy named Murphy. Sounds like the typical storyline in the hallways at school. Sophie wishes for her mother to give her more attention and would love to feel loved by her father, but neither are very promising.

What I liked about this book was that it was in free verse. I love free verse books for some reason. Some people hate them and won't read a book if it is in this format. I love them. It forces me to study the words and ideas in greater detail. Second, I loved that the author helped Sophie showcase her thoughts between love and lust. I think so many young people confuse the two feelings. Sonya Sones does a great job allowing Sophie to discover the difference in a very realistic manner. Third, I loved the humor and quirkiness of growing up. We all have done some really stupid things growing up that if anyone ever found out we would be mortified for life. I laughed and laughed when the Sophie admits that she kisses her knee at night pretending it is a boy.

I think this book will have more appeal to girls as it deals with what girls go through growing up, but as an adult male I enjoyed the book so I recommend to all. I would put the age limit at 12 and older which is what most people place this book at. There are references to the realities of growing up so some parts I would be cautious with. Nothing inappropriate, but puberty and adolescent is such a awkward part of our lives.

This book has won many awards when it was first published. Here is a quick list of awards this book has received.


A Junior Library Guild Selection

International Reading Association Young Adult's Choice 2003

2001 Booklist Editor's Choice

American Library Association 2002 Top Ten Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers

American Library Association 2002 Best Book for Young Adults

For more information on Sonya Sones and her writings: This web site provides additional biographical information about Sonya Sones and her writings, including descriptions about each book and awards they received.

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