Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Few Reminders.....

1. Our online book discussion with the author Jennifer Brown is coming our way quickly. Read her novel and email me to let me know that you want to join the online discussion. It is open to anyone.

2. Teacher Mystery Challenge #11 is now up and running. We need to get more votes.

3. I am still giving away the copy of Nightlight: A Parody. A book that pokes fun at Twilight. Whether a fan of the Twilight series or not, you will enjoy this book. You cannot win if you don't enter.

4. I have posting lots of videos so don't forget to check them out in your free time. Just go to my YouTube Channel to see them all. I have added links to all videos made this year in the sidebar.

5. The Slap Bracelet campaign is in full effect. All you have to do is create something to help show your support of the slap bracelet and I will give you one to wear.
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