Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Monday

Here are a couple reminders of things to check out this week on my blog.

1. Vote for the new Teacher Mystery Challenge #10
2. Watch my Nerd Factory videos from this weekend....there are 2 - Random Thoughts 1.9.10 and Random Thoughts Episode 9
3. Vote on my the facial hair poll after watching videos
4. Post your Great Nerd Debate Answer for Best TV Theme Song on the Nerd Factory link
5. Register to win Nightlight: A parody
6. Read Hate List and enter to join the online book discussion
7. Submit to me questions for me to answer for an upcoming video

Stay strong this week. Getting back into the flow of school is tough. I am getting back into teacher shape and last week was a rough one with the cold, cold weather we had. Get back to trying to use your brains again. Check out my daughter below. She had it rough. She was done at 3:45 on the day we had early release due to snow and wind.
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