Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Wake Up Mixtape

SO in a previous video post I presented the challenge of making your very own mixtape. You can check out the video and mixtape rules here. Here is my mixtape. I will be honest and at first tried to find just clean songs without anything with explicit lyrics. However, I then realized that I would want for anyone who submits their mixtape to be open and honest. I have decided to be true. I have included the songs with some explanations. Take a look at my mixtape and be sure to post yours. Just follow the rules.

1. Kid Rock - Bawitdaba - I start off with this song because the beginning is slow and gradually builds up steam. This is how I am in the morning. My alarm goes off at 4:30. I lay in bed for 5 minutes and then I am up and preparing for my workout at 5. This song would be the type of music I would listen to on my way to the gym.

2. System of A Down - BYOB - This is a crazy, insane song. However, this is how I feel most mornings. I either think I am crazy for getting up everyday to workout at this time or I am really pumped and ready to get after it. On cardio days, I need music like this pumping me through so I don't quit.

3. M.C. Hammer - U Can't Touch This - You cannot always have screaming people in you ears. Sometimes you need a little old school music to make you remember the good old days. Plus, when I am lifting..U Can't Touch This!!!! Just kidding!

4. Outkast - Dope Boys - another classic hip hop song. I love my old school hip hop and it is all I listen to when working out.

5. Mishka - Love and Devotion - When I finish working out I need some really chill and laid back music on my drive home. Mishka provides the perfect vibe.

6. Imagination Movers - The Boom Boom Song - Aiden, my son loves their music so I put this in to represent the time when I come home to wake him up and help him get dressed.

7. Dora The Explorer - Hokey Pokey Song - Same situation only for my daughter who hates waking up as much as she hates going to sleep. She is not fun in the morning.

8. Spongebob Squarepants - Theme Song - This is the only thing my children can agree to watch in the morning while they are in zombie mode.

9. Sean Kingston - Fire Burning - Addy loves to dance in her car seat while driving to the lady who watches my children while at work.

10. Rock N Roll Train - AC/DC - Aiden must have his rock and roll in the morning. Aiden knows almost every single word to this song. We play this song almost every single day.

11. Shade 45 on Sirius Satellite Radio - Once I drop off my children I always listen to my satellite radio and 99% of the time it is the Shade 45 station. I need that little pick me up to get me ready for the day. I need to hear the latest hip hop to get me going.

12. Pearl Jam - The Fixer - This represents me as a teacher when I arrive at school. It is my job to try and fix all the problems presented to me during the day. The joys of being a teacher.
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