Monday, January 4, 2010

Week With No Meat - Day 1

So today I began two things.
1. Eating with no meat as you are well aware of by now if you follow this blog
2. Eating healthy

I will tell you that both things have already proved to be a challenge. I made a healthy smoothie this morning for breakfast that consisted of oatmeal(the plain terrible tasting kind), blueberries, honey, whey protein, and milk. Halfway through my in-service today my stomach was growling. I had a snack of a Kashi protein bar. I went home for lunch so I would not overindulge myself and had a mushroom pasta meal with a handful of granola. So far so good. I also ate some yogurt later in the afternoon. The true test will be dinner. Thank goodness coffee has no calories so I don't have to give up all my food cravings.

Update: I had eggs and whole grain waffles for dinner. I find myself hungry all the time which is part of the process of changing my eating habits. Off to play basketball and eat some PB and J to get ready for working out tomorrow.

I wanted to share with you an interview with the author that my dad found for me. Check this out. Very interesting.

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