Friday, January 8, 2010

Week With No Meat - Days 2,3,4,5

Alright four more days have come along in my challenge to not eat meat. I will state again that this is really not as hard as I had previously thought. Actually, just trying to eat healthy and removing some of my bad habits I had created has been more of a daunting task.

Here are some things that I have found to be useful to eat while not eating meat and trying to remain healthy.

1. Cottage Cheese - protein galore and really helps fill to fill you up.

2. Bear Naked: Peak Protein Granola Mix - this is all natural ingredients of granola, honey, seeds, etc. This is a perfect snack when you become hungry. The other great thing about his company is that you can send them the bag back to help reduce the filling up of landfills. Check it out here and their regular website here.

3. Tofu - I tried it once. I tried the buffalo wing tofu and mixed it into a wheat tortilla with black beans, lettuce, and salsa. I don't know what my true thoughts are on tofu because I did not realize that I purchased the super hot salsa and therefore my entire mouth was engulfed in flames and really I could not taste anything. Honestly, someone could have mashed up a turd in my black beans and would not have known. Will try tofu again without fire salsa.

4. Soups - I have had a variety of different soups. Soups do not fill me up and actually I feel more hungry afterwards.

5. Fruit - Lots of fruit. I have been tearing up lots of frozen fruit because it is currently cheaper to buy in the store. I have eaten them plain and in a variety of different smoothies.

6. Smoothies - fruit, yogurt, plain oatmeal, protein powder. Create your own concotion.

7. Eggs - I eat these every morning. I am not classifying these as meat since they have not grown to that stage, but 4 eggs(3 of them just the whites) on wheat toast after my morning workout has really slowed down my food craving.

8. Veggie Pizza and vegetable Chinese food - both are great. The pizza was fantastic. The chinese food was a little more difficult as I was really craving my mongolian beef, but I managed and it did satisfy my craving. However, no crab ragoons. That was the hardest to not eat.

These are just some things that I have experimented with. I still have more tofu to try. I purchased an Aloha flavored tofu chunk and I also purchased a box of veggie burgers to try over the weekend. The weekend will prove difficult because 1)My kids have their birthday party and 2) I will be home all day and out of routine.

Saturday is my day of from eating real healthy so I am going to also try the Burger King idea posted on my previous no meat post where you take the burger off and replace it with french fries.

Back to drinking coffee, Sprite zero, and calorie free lemonade. I will continue to keep you updated.
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