Monday, January 25, 2010

The Weekly Challenge - 4 Post Series

I was reading the blog of one of my favorite authors, Jennifer Brown, when this astounding idea presented itself in my cranium(do you like the creative flow of that sentence?). I am taking an idea of hers that she borrowed from Stephen King and modifying it to a super-cool challenge that I really need many of you to participate in. Here is how it will proceed.

We are going to come up with some stories based on three things

What I know + What I Wonder + And Then What = Story

Starting tomorrow I will create a post titled, "What I know". In this post you will submit in the comment section something that you know. For example, something that I know is, "I look good in an Elvis mask" or "My receding hairline looks like Florida and the Gulf of Mexico".

You just need to post your facts of what you know. Make them a complete sentence. It won't work if they are not complete sentences.

In two days I will create a post titled, "What I Wonder", where you will once again post a sentence on something that you wonder like "Why is that dogs never have boogers?".

In three days I will create a third post titled, "And then what", in which you post something completely random based on things posted from the previous two days.

On the fourth and final day I will then post the various story lines created from all the comments using the formula posted above. The more comments and idea, the better the final stories will be. Please post and please comment everyday.
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