Sunday, February 14, 2010

Book Review: Hard Work by Roy Williams

Hard Work by Roy Williams

*acquired from the public library*

If you follow college basketball or even if you at least watch ESPN, then you know that Roy Williams is currently the head coach for North Carolina. This is his biography of his life and how he worked to the position that he is in today. The title is perfect because Roy worked his butt off to coach at the college level and be the success that he is. This is a must read for anyone who watches college basketball and enjoys the story of a great coach and leader.

I know this is not young adult, but I think this book applies to everyone. This is a great motivational read to always believe in yourself, your gut instincts, and to always do what is right. Roy stands by his word to his players, family, and friends even when the other decision could be the better choice.

My goal this year is to read more books about being successful and a good leader. These are two things that I am trying to work on myself. This book was the first in my quest and I was not disappointed. I have a new appreciation for Roy Williams after reading this book. Check out the trailer below to learn more. If you are looking for a book about a great person who worked very hard to achieve his dreams, then search no more. If you need something to motivate you to be a good person, then search no more. If you are looking for a great sport read, then search no more.

Hard Work, by Roy Williams - Book Trailer - The most amazing videos are a click away
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