Monday, February 8, 2010

Care to share about your hair?

I was reading a recent post on the blog of Justine Larbalestier about hair and it had me thinking back to different parts of my life where hair was a central piece of a past event in my life. I have created this post to provide an opportunity for my fellow readers to post a story from your life that deals with hair.

I will provide one story about myself growing up.

When I was in 2nd grade the fashion at the time was to have laser lines in your hair. My mother would not allow me to have laser lines in my hair. However, another fashion statement that was popular was the side spike(where you spike part of the top of your head). In my city(Elkhart) the more narrow the side spike the better. So I would spend all morning using gel, mousse, hairspray(Hairnet), and various other products to make sure my hair was perfect, cemented in place, and protected from the harsh environment of school. My hair would have survived any major disaster. Not only did I have a side spike during this time period, but I also had the back of my head permed. Yes, I admit this(it took some courage). I remember my neighbor perming my hair on my backyard porch. I remember having to use a pick to "puff" out the curls or should I say rat nest. What a terrible idea! It was like a poofy mullet. I will have to ask my parents to find a picture for me to submit. So no laser lines, but I could support the fashion statement of ugliness.

Here is an example that is as close as I can get to what I had. Mine was not this extreme, but you get the idea. I did not have the poof on top as I had the side spike and my perm in the back was not that long, but it did look just as bad.
So I have shared a terrible moment in my life that no friend or family member of mine lets me live down. It is now your turn to share some memories. I have others and will look to post some more when others begin to share. Don't be scared, share your hair!
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