Sunday, February 21, 2010


So, I have decided to do something totally irrational during a time in my life that could not possibly be any busier. I have decided to organize my books. I have pulled most of them from all nooks and crannies in my house and begun to sort(looking at the picture it probably is a mess, but I call it organized chaos. Here is where I need your help. I am going to reshuffle my office around and begin to have an organized and neat office(a very lofty goal). What I need is a suggestion from all of you on what type of bookcase I should purchase. I want my collection to be seen and not hidden from view. I would also like the book case to house my cd collection. So......I need a large bookshelf that will look nice. My walls are a mocha color and I have plenty of room to make a bookshelf fit. What are your suggestions? Please help because I am not good at this sort of thing.
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