Thursday, March 25, 2010

Artwork Update 3 for Wreck This Journal Challenge

This morning I was thanking Mrs. Cleveland for taking the time to add to the artwork to the Wreck This Journal Challenge. She mentioned that a student wanted to add to the journal so I handed the journal off and did not think much more about it.

Later in the afternoon, Mrs. Cleveland returned the journal after a few students had fun with it during lunch. They did a fabulous job. I will admit that the journal is starting to take on a personality that cannot be described. It has quite the unique smell with the combination of the Bath and Body Work smell mixed with the Chinese food lunch smeared on the pages during lunch today. Thank you Franki, Emily, Amanda and any other students who helped to add to the journal. You really added your own unique element to the journal and a funky smell. The fortune cookie statement said, "Tomorrow is a good day. Try something new." So go ahead and try something new like taking the journal and adding your own personal touch to it.

The other thing that I am finding out is that this is becoming release therapy. I have a problem when it comes to books. If I buy a book it cannot be creased, crinkled, etc. It must be in perfect condition. I have spent the last few years using the library as that was a huge obstacle to overcome because the books were not mine. If a book is in bad shape I cannot read it. It drives me insane. This journal is now far from being in pristine shape and I have come to accept it. Actually, it is forcing me to learn that this journal is perfect the way it is.

Who wants the journal next? Please email or come track me down.

Last bit of info. The journal is getting to the point where the entries are asking you to rip out pages and if you choose to do so that is fine, but please include what you did with the page back in the bag that the journal comes enclosed in so I can scan it in. Additionally, it is also asking people to do tasks with the journal. Be sure to take a picture or video so I can add that also. For example, "Find a way to wear the journal". Video yourself wearing the journal at the mall or something or take several pictures. I want everything captured so we can share the essence of this journal.

Here is the updated artwork in this slide show. Enjoy and don't be afraid to come take the journal for the weekend.

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