Friday, March 12, 2010

Book Review: Mind Gym by Gary Mack

I have been on this rampage of reading books that deal with the mindset of successful people and how athletes should mentally prepare. I cannot really read anything else as it does not grab my interest. This book was also my first Kindle book purchase and it lived up to everything that I placed upon it. I loved this book. I recommend this book to any athlete or actually anyone who wants to be successful. Gary Mack offers great insight to the mental approach of achieving what you want.

This is a super easy read as each piece of advice or exercise is backed up by tons of little snippets and stories of athletes. I took five pages of notes while reading which I plan on typing up and using as a coach next year.

The book covers dealing with pressure, strengthening mental toughness, positive self talk and reinforcement, aiming for progress (not perfection), eliminating distractions, increasing the ability to focus, proper breathing techniques, the danger of over analyzing, and how to get in and stay in the illustrious “zone.”

Of the four or five books that I have read so far about this subject, I am giving this book the top spot. Check it out whether an adult, teen, or soon to be teen. Everyone can apply these ideas to sports and life.

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