Thursday, March 18, 2010

Book Review: Missile Mouse: The Star Crusher

Missile Mouse by Jake Parker
acquired at the public library
Comic Book @ 172 pages

Missile Mouse is an agent for the government who must come in to save the day through his heroic missions. This is your typical superhero vs. villain story. In this case the superhero is a mouse, Missile Mouse, who has been chosen for a very important mission. Missile Mouse has been sent on a mission to stop RIP (Rogue Imperium of Planets) from gathering the materials necessary to create and use the Star Crusher. A Star Crusher will allow RIP to destroy planets and galaxies by creating this black hole. The bad guys will have ultimate power if they obtain this device(ring a bell with any other stories that you know?)

This book is geared for a lower level audience. The School Library Journal states grades 3-6. The pictures are very colorful, bright, full of action, and well designed. This will hold the interest of any elementary student who likes these types of plots or a middle school student who is a reluctant or struggling reader. There is plenty to read. The story moves along quickly. I enjoyed the read. It was a nice break from all the philosophical, basketball, psychology books that I have been immersed with in addition to my college classes. Missile Mouse is a likable character who is a cross of Hans Solo(very sure of himself with smart aleck comments) and Mighty Mouse with dash of MacGyver. Nothing is childish and the pace is fast so go ahead and give this graphic novel a try.
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