Sunday, March 7, 2010

Teacher Mystery Challenge #17

The challenge from last week was indeed Mrs. Sones. She received 5 of the whopping 8 votes last week. We have a few teachers left so enjoy them while we have them. Here is the next contestant. This person did not leave the questions, but if you have done this enough you probably remember the questions. I'm too lazy to retype them all.

1. Fruit punch
2. I like them-especially the ones from Kwik Trip that have been there all day!
3. Elf
4. Pepsi
5. Yes-20
6. Gardening
7. Ann
8. Conferences, pumpkin muffin and my morning meeting
9. Being ready for conferences
10. Something is about to happen…
11. Australia
12. Yes, sock monkey slippers
13. Brown
14. Yes, I can whistle.
15. Blue
16. No
17. Sound of Madness
18. A quarter
19. Legos
20. Starbursts
21. Iowa Hawkeyes
22. Many things some for fun, some for work-Three Cups of Tea, Janet Evanovich’s Book #14, Crisis in the Middle
23. A picture book called Old Black Fly
24. Tom Brokaw-He seems like he would be easy to talk to and I would love to hear about all the places he has been and all the people he has met.
25. Left over pizza
26. I coached gymnastics for 15 years
27. House cat
28. If you could pick one chore that you would never have to do again what would it be? Changing the litter box
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