Monday, April 12, 2010

Back in the day reading challenge

So, here is my challenge for this year. I was originally going to make this strictly Hardy Boys, but then I realized that I would never achieve this goal to read them all. So, I have altered my reading challenge. Feel free to join in this challenge and keep the fellow coffee nerds updated with what you are reading by posting in the comments. Here are the details to the challenge.

What is the challenge? To go back and read books from my past growing up. There are so many great books being written and published every single day that I have forgotten about the classics. Are they still as good now as they were back then when I read them? Time will tell.

Goal? To remember the books I read and to go back and read them. My goal is to complete at least one or two series and to try and read at least 25 classics from when I was growing up

Can I join? Sure, just think back to your past, check out or buy a book and then post to the comments of this post of what you read, what you liked/disliked, etc.

When does it start? Now. I have begun reading Beezus and Ramona to my children and just ordered book #1 of the original Hardy Boys

To check back to this post all you have to do is click the picture you see at the top of this post over in the sidebar. This will link you to this post so you don't have to backtrack. Now, off to finish my TBR pile from the library so I can go back in time.

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