Friday, April 9, 2010

Soul Train - Episode 2 - B Hall - 6th Grade

Here is the latest episode. I had to do some precision trimming of video footage to get everyone in the video. To post online I have to keep it at or under 10 minutes and under a certain file size. So, I was not able to go back and slow down the sweet dance moves like in episode 1. However, you who were great dancers have not been forgotten. I will be creating a Best Of video and that is where the special effects and the showcasing of your moves will be displayed. Sit back, enjoy, and here is schedule for next week.

Day 3: April 13th
· D2, C1:C12, F3 – 10 TA’s mostly 7th grade
Day 4: April 14th
· C11:C38, F2 – 12 TA’s mostly 7th grade.
Day 5: April 15th
· B8:B16 – 8 TA’s mostly 8th grade
Day 6: April 16th
· B18, J1:J7, A15, A14, A12 – 7 TA’s
Day 7: April 20th
· Media Center and P.E. – 9 TA’s – dance in gym if ok(still need to ask for permission)

The songs 6th Grade B Hall danced to in the video are

1.Love Train - O'Jays

2.Blame it on the boogie - Michael Jackson

3.Brick House - Commodores

Here is the Vimeo version which I think is better than the YouTube version.

Soul Train - Episode 2 - B Hall - 6th Grade from aaron Maurer on Vimeo.

Here is the Youtube version

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