Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Soul Train - Episode 3 - C Hall(front half)

Here is the latest episode. There were not as many dancers as the 6th grade halls, but boy were these students creative. I saw quite a few new moves not performed by the other hallways which was nice. Can you do better? Prove it. Don't be scared and don't think you are too cool to dance.

Day 4: April 14th
· C11:C38, F2 – 12 TA’s mostly 7th grade.
Day 5: April 15th
· B8:B16 – 8 TA’s mostly 8th grade
Day 6: April 16th
· B18, J1:J7, A15, A14, A12 – 7 TA’s
Day 7: April 20th
· Media Center and P.E. – 9 TA’s – dance in gym if ok(still need to ask for permission)

The songs 7th Grade c Hall danced to in the video are

1.Mighty Mighty - Earth Wind and Fire

2.Atomic Dog - George Clinton

3.Celebration - Kool and the Gang

Here is the Vimeo version which I think is better than the YouTube version.

Soul Train - Episode 3 - C Hall from aaron Maurer on Vimeo.

YouTube version

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