Monday, May 3, 2010

I have returned

After catching up on some much needed sleep over the weekend I feel that I back in full form(or at least I am telling myself that I am). We had a great time at camp. The weather was great and I found myself swimming in the river two times. I am working on a movie about camp so once that is ready I will post it here on the blog. Don't expect it for a couple weeks yet as I am still waiting for everyone to turn in video and pictures.

Anyways, here are some things I learned from camp and from the time away from the blog

1. May 10 is approaching quickly so if you want a chance to win the cool brand new shirt that I am giving away, then click the icon on the side, watch the video, and submit your answers.

2. I will never look at lions the same way again after my meal with my super awesome table at camp. Nor will I ever look at a heart ring the same way again either. WOOF WOOF

3. I came back from camp with a phone message from some old lady(she had to have had the wrong number) to let whoever she was calling know that her husband died and she was moving to Maryland. The crazy thing was that the phone number was from Maryland so I think she already moved.

4. I am ready for the summer.

5. Brown Trout was in full effect at camp. I saw more Brown Trout than I care to admit.

6. My dance moves are ready for the video camera so be on the lookout by the end of the week.

Until the next post. Let me know of anything that I missed while away at camp. I would love to hear from the my fellow bloggers who follow. Also, if you have any great ideas or topics that you would like for me to write about or make a video about please let me know. Off to making a camp movie and catching up on all the school work I missed while at camp.
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