Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One step to my new approach to this blog **UPDATE**

After going back and reading my post about one of my new ideas to use Dailybooth to enhance this blog interactivity I realized that maybe I should explain my intent and purpose a little more clearly. This blog has been great. I love everything about it and I have some really devout followers who check on an almost daily basis. Some post comments and some don't which is the whole freedom of choice to use your time in the manner in which you feel is best. I was thinking about new ways to spread interaction as I know some don't always like to express themselves through the written word. I decided to dabble in my own account over at Dailybooth(you can also see my most recent photo post over to the left. My purpose with this is to post pictures of myself or my surroundings on an almost daily basis. I may present challenges through this site and just open it up to have a new way to interact. For example, I posted a picture of me with my new iPad(The Sweet Sally Pad!!!!) the other day. Someone who would want to interact could post a photo response of themselves with their iPad or some other object that they love. You can also post text comments much like the blog here. I think there is the possibility to have a lot of fun with this. I know that it is blocked at our school so that is one drawback for sure, but those that would be dedicated enough to post a picture would most likely do it at home anyways so I am not that concerned. So, to get things rolling I will be posting a new picture from this evening with the intention of posting a challenge to you all to respond. I think it will be fun and see if we can get this thing lifted off the ground. I know it will take some time to get it going, but once we set sail the fun will begin. Keep reading the blog and thanks to all of you who do and also check out my new gimmick and post a picture or two or more.
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