Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Time for your help again

I am in need of your help. I am working on redesigning and decorating the Nerd Factory(my office where the magic of this blog happens). I am a huge fan of Rhett and Link and there latest post features their new office along with two super cool rugs. Upon viewing their video I have decided that I am going to create some custom rugs also. is where you come in.

I am compiling a list of ideas for the following concepts

1. I already know that the name of my office is the NERD FACTORY, but I need along with that a
2. Slogan - some catchy phrase to use in my videos, put up on my wall and my rug(s). I will also need a
3. Symbol or icon for the NERD FACTORY. We can always infuse the whole Coffee For the Brain or better yet let us do this.

Rug/Decoration Contest Idea #1: Nerd Factory
1. Slogan
2. Symbol/Icon

Rug/Decoration Contest Idea #2: Coffee For The Brain
1. Slogan
2. Symbol/Icon

We will create things for both. I will also gladly take any other ideas/suggestions such as things to hang up on my wall, maybe paint colors, etc. Feel free to offer me some guidance. If I like your idea I will send you some slap bracelets. Sound good? Alright, then be on your way to offer me advice. It is summertime and I plan to have this unveiled by the beginning of the school year.

Here is the Rhett and Link video to give you an idea of what inspired all of this.

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