Monday, June 7, 2010

What Teachers Do In The Summer: Part 1

I thought it would be interesting to share with others what exactly a teacher does over the summer. I know that each teacher does his/her own thing, but I thought I would share how quickly time flies and actually rarely does time exist to just chill. This previous week was no exception as I did have school on Tuesday so that day was shot.

Wednesday: Mow the yard, clean the gutters, meet and prepare for Lego Robotics Camp all morning

Thursday: Began the painting process. I do this every year as my wife wants change all the time. I am painting our dining room in which I have painted two shades of red in the last three years and turning it a very light yellow. Yes, this will require several layers and then when the paint is done we will add beadboard.
Friday: Added second coat of yellow paint. Still needs another coat. This is the new Behr paint with the primer mixed in with it all. Summer cleaning has begun. Starting with our basement storage and sorting and trashing all the toys that need to go.

Saturday: Took Aiden and Addy to a fishing camp in Muscatine and even though we did not catch any fish, they both learned some things. Aiden also won a new fishing pole and I won a sleeping bag. Came home and painted the third coat of paint. We then proceeded to clean house from where we left off on Friday.

Sunday: Took time to do some reading in the morning. Helped get food and things around for family dinner.

I also ran 13.5 miles this week and did some weightlifting.

Now I just have to purchase and put up the beadboard before moving on to the kitchen.

What did you do last week?
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