Monday, July 26, 2010

Half Marathon Training - Week 4 - Monday

Today I am not running. This is supposed to be a rest day. If you have been following my training, then you know that I changed the program around last week to make it work for the Bix 7 race this last Saturday. I took Sunday off as well. I will admit that my body is tired. I think it is wise for me to not run today. I might go out later for a very short run if things feel better just to knock out some soreness. I have been using my foam roller and I cannot express in words how bad my quads hurt when I work them out. However, after wards they feel like a million bucks. After running well for me considering I am only starting my fourth week of running and finishing above my goals for the Bix I am already looking to create new goals for next year(yes, I understand that I still have two very lofty goals right now of the half marathon and Urbanathlon). Some goals I am throwing around are to either complete a full marathon or a triathlon. The full marathon will take some time to prep and the triathlon I need equipment and a coach of some sort to help with swimming. I am going to begin to look around and see what will work best for me.

This morning I did do some circuit training. It was the same workout training as last week except that I used 35 lb dumbbells and also used weight on the leg excercises as my knees felt much better.

I had to complete 3 circuits of 15 reps of the following:

Complex 1
Hang Clean
Bent Over Row
Overhead Triceps
Romanian Deadlifts

Complex 2
Push Press
Upright Rows
Arnold Press
Overhead Tri
Rom. Deadlift

I have a big week of running ahead of me with Sunday having me run 9 miles which will be my longest run to date. Stay healthy and if you have not created some goals for yourself yet, this is the week to do so. Write them down, commit to memory, or even post here to the blog like I do to help make it real. Believe in yourself and have a great week!
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